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Saint Lucia Project

You too can make someone's Christmas special...

Keep reading to learn how our parish has been making Christmas gift boxes for families of St. Benedict's Parish in St. Lucia for the past 11 years.

Make a gift box Gift ideas Facts about St.  Lucia What to avoid

This year we have 14 families, which is about 80 people. For many, these boxes are their only Christmas gift!

Make a gift box.
  • Wrap up a craft/photo storage box (approx. 12x6x4) with the lid separate from the box.
  • Think Christmas, as well as "practical" - for every practical item, try to include something (or some things!) just for fun, or enjoyment.
  • Think LIGHT!!
  • See the list of gift ideas below (these are suggestions only).  The Dollar type store are a gold mine of ideas.
  • Include a photo of yourself-or your family-a note - a card - if you wish - it adds a personal touch, and the people there really like to receive that.
  • Do NOT include your address.
  • Your box needs to be ready by mid June, and it will be shipped in June.
St Lucia people

Gift ideas

  1. moms love getting a large toothpaste + toothbrush, deodorant, pads, nice smelling body spray; teen girls also
  2. men/teen guys appreciate a large toothpaste + toothbrush, deodorant, cologne
  3. everyone needs a toothbrush, the towels are always greatly appreciated!
  4. everyone (over 10) appreciates a notepad and pen; search-a-word (puzzle) books also popular
  5. religious items not so popular – one 'new one' is sufficient – most people already have several rosaries, most who would want them have holy cards
  6. teabags unnecessary (no more than 6, if they are to be included)
  7. no needles, thread, pins etc. please
  8. women do not wear socks – men and children do
  9. be careful of personal items such as underwear – usually the wrong size
  10. kids (3-10) love to get crayons and a colouring/activity book (this is something they actually look for in their box!)
  11. little boys love little vehicles!
  12. for kids, t-shirts are very welcomed, if you can guess-timate the size from the photo, fruit snacks, M'n'Ms, Skittles, Werthers, and granola bars always a bit hit (remember that many types of candies that are very sugar based melt in the humidity

    Moms: a small soft stuffed animal (beany-baby size), a tea towel or two, a good-sized coffee/tea mug (not plastic) – can be stuffed with the animal (or sweets) and wraped in the tea towel to keep it from breaking in the box. Always welcome (check family size): 3-4 plastic glasses; 3-6 (tea)spoons, clothes pegs. Last year, some people from one centre included in the ‘mom gifts’ (from the $ Store) either a small plastic bear full of honey or a small peanut butter – both were popular.

    Teen girls and all kids would also love a small stuffed animal/teddy bear
    older teen/20 girls: a bracelet ($ store variety fine)

Many kids/youth have skin conditions – we have found that unscented DOVE ‘soap’ is the best, if soap is being included, either in the parent or the child gift.

St Lucia boySt Lucia people

Input from several of the moms: “everything is good” – “everything is nice”- “it is very exciting when they (their children) open their gift” – “we love getting them” – “look forward to it"

St Lucia girl

What to avoid

Battery operated toys, glass containers, things that can rust, anything that does not like humidity such as chocolates, life savers, suckers.

Facts about St.  Lucia

  • Location: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Total area 616 sq km
    (3.5 times the size of Washington, DC)

  • The official language of St. Lucia is English.

  • There are two seasons: rainy (June to November), when it is very humid and dry season.

  • There is high unemployment and extensive poverty in St. Lucia.

  • These gift boxes are the only gifts they will get at Christmas.

  • For more information check fact book or tourist site

Thanks to all those who have helped in the past and are helping today.

If you would like to get involved in this project, please contact the parish office.

Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me.